¢Ó TrumpetSound ¢ÓVol.1 - Left MENU
¢Ó TrumpetSound ¢ÓVol.1 - Left MENU
  1. What is the ¡®right¡¯ worship?
  2. Attitude to attain faith for
   eternal life
  3. Attitude of praying
  4. How to read the Bible
  5. How to Praise
  6. Right Attitudes for church
  7. The attitude of worship
  8. Preacher's abilities (1)
     Preacher's abilities (2)
     Preacher's abilities (3)
     Preacher's abilities (4)
     Preacher's abilities (5)
     Preacher's abilities (6)
     Preacher's abilities (7)
     Preacher's abilities (8)
     Preacher's abilities (9)
  9. The work of the Holy Spirit (1)
     The work of the Holy Spirit (2)
     The work of the Holy Spirit (3)
  10. The sound of the ghost
  11. The voice of a whispering
  12. Ghost playing
  13. Christian prayer appearance
  14. Christian dialect
  15. Christian's evangelism
  16. How to discern the spirit
  17. The guidance of the Holy
  18. Spirit attitude
  19. How evil spirits come
     to Christians
  20. Satan¡¯s slave
  21. Beast
  22. People without conscience
  23. Steps of the servant of devil
  24. Those who are with The
     Holy Spirit
  25. Reasons to be filled with
     the Holy Spirit
  26. Fasting prayer attitude
  27. Why are you praying all
  28. Ordination prayer and
  29. What is sermon?
  30. Preparing to Sermon
  31. Attitude of preaching
  32. Attitudes of the preacher
  33. Visit and other Preaching
  34. What happens when a
     Christian lacks prayer
  35. Preacher's behavior
  36. Who is a pastor's fit?
  37. What is Jesus' love?
  38. What is literature?
  ¢¹ Epilogue
HOME > vol. 1 REPENT > 3. Attitude of praying

1. Read the Bible.

2. Desire to resemble Jesus

3. Throw away secular and materialistic desires.

4. Don't ask Jesus to follow my will and greed. You will be punished like Jacob and the King of Hezekiah.

5. Pray to be an executer of Jesus' love.

6. Pray to fulfill myself with Jesus' remaining hardship.

7. Desire enough power to endure cross given by Jesus and to follow Jesus well.

8. Pray to be a free man from living.

9. Pray to realize true meaning of the Bible.

10. it’s helpful to fast to demolish obstinacy of body and to obey Jesus.

11. Pray with contents of the Lord’s Prayer which is given by God.

12. Pray to be dedicated to Jesus.

13. Pray for someone you hate.

14. Eliminate hatred in your mind.

15. Pray for your external and internal personality to be moderate.

16. Pray to be a person who feel sympathy and help someone in need.

17. Ask a mindset of forgiving after you go through unfair and furious things.

18. Crucify my freewill and Jesus should lead my mind and body.

19. Don’t brag myself.

20. Only show off Jesus and love Jesus’ cross.

21. Even in dream, only love and prove Jesus.

22. Pray my nation, siblings and family to repent and believe in Jesus.

23. Pray world to be full of Jesus’ glory.

24. Don’t pray greedily even if it’s for church

25. Don’t ask the God to make your wish come true after setting your goal without any permission.

26. A pray to ask the God to make your children to live richly on earth is not desirable.  The center of a pray should be for the God and his land.

27. Pray for your minister.

28. Pray not to be disobedient.

29. Pray to make my mind be general.

30. Always ask help to Jesus.

31. Pray to be a person who is always thankful for everything.

32. Pray to live depending on the lead of the Holy Spirit.

33. Pray according to the lead of the Holy Spirit.

34. Keep praying to repent and be obedient when you are in service and read the Bible.

35. Pray to only say the things that Jesus would be pleasant

36. Ask him to lead your feet to the truth.

37. Ask him to protect your mind not to be fall into temptation.

38. Ask him to have his mind.

39. Pray for you and your neighbors’ health.

40. Preach to be a person who carries out his words.

41. Please give me ears that can listen to the words of the Holy Spirit! Prayer like this is needed.

42. Give me open spirit! And let me be able to distinguish sprits! Prayers like these are needed.
(Let me recognize my spiritual state, the works of Jesus, the devil's work, false spirit, the devil, the servant of a devil, playing of the devil, the false prophet, the servant of Jesus, and the work of the Holy Spirit)

43. Ask to be able to afford your role as a minister, a saint, a deacon/deaconess, an elder of a church.

44. The most necessary pray is to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

45. Pray in dialect.

46. When you want to pray, don't care where you are and don't be reluctant.

47. Demand wisdom of life.

48. Try to be a person who only delights the God.

49. Try to be neutral.

50. Even though you have parents, children, and fortune, pretend and 
act like that you don't have them and be eager to follow Jesus.

51. Don't pray for humans, pray only for the God.

52. If Jesus tells you that he will bring someone who is ill to heaven, just tell as you're heard.  Try to become someone like that.

53. Anyone who does not hesitate to repentance is to be prayed for.

54. Pray to achieve victory in the name of Jesus Prayer (defeating difficulty, pain, suffering, sorrow, disappointment, fear, emptiness, pride, etc.)

55. Pray for patience for a long time (up to enter heaven).

56. Pray to be a humble person who is acknowledged by Jesus.

57 Pray to obey Him (for both mouth and body).

58. Pray to teach Jesus' words well, however, as the bible of Acts Chapter 2, Section 4, you should be a person that follows the Holy Spirit speak the word to you.

59. Ministers reading their manuscript should stop asking to be blessed.

60. Pray to be a person who faith can speak and pray for. Only God knows the human genus. Learning by other humans is useless.

61. Do not say that you are desperately praying only using lips. Act desperately.

62. To pray, courage and patience are needed. (More than 3 hours or five hours per day to 10 days - 40 days - must be used for prayer)

63. For prayer is not to describe the people to hear. (Don't make intentional sad voice.)

64. Prayer of a quantity needs to be filled. Acts Chapter 1, Section 2 is teaching. After the period of ten days filled with prayer, the Holy Spirit came down to 120 followers- Remember! (Pius Elijah prayed until it rained, Paul prayed for three years in Arabia then was used, and Moses stayed in the wilderness for 40 years for training, etc.).

65. Pray to be the person who seeks the glory of God and not his/her glory.

66. Mind, thought, flesh all need to be reigned by the Lord continuously, and prayer should be continued until this happens. If you are under the control of the Lord, ugly, disgusting mind, unforgiving mind, an evil heart, evil thoughts will disappear and even you try to have them on purpose, you can't determine. Therefore, all the works of the world will be forgivable, and rather be miserable to you.  As you don't stand against to the world physically, you will recognize the enjoyment of freedom from sins, and know how the fruit of the Spirit to be mature.  And finally, you become a person who knows how to thank Christ for the offerings. The fact can also be realized that the saints have gone before actually martyred themselves.