¢Ó TrumpetSound ¢ÓVol.1 - Left MENU
¢Ó TrumpetSound ¢ÓVol.1 - Left MENU
  1. What is the ¡®right¡¯ worship?
  2. Attitude to attain faith for
   eternal life
  3. Attitude of praying
  4. How to read the Bible
  5. How to Praise
  6. Right Attitudes for church
  7. The attitude of worship
  8. Preacher's abilities (1)
     Preacher's abilities (2)
     Preacher's abilities (3)
     Preacher's abilities (4)
     Preacher's abilities (5)
     Preacher's abilities (6)
     Preacher's abilities (7)
     Preacher's abilities (8)
     Preacher's abilities (9)
  9. The work of the Holy Spirit (1)
     The work of the Holy Spirit (2)
     The work of the Holy Spirit (3)
  10. The sound of the ghost
  11. The voice of a whispering
  12. Ghost playing
  13. Christian prayer appearance
  14. Christian dialect
  15. Christian's evangelism
  16. How to discern the spirit
  17. The guidance of the Holy
  18. Spirit attitude
  19. How evil spirits come
     to Christians
  20. Satan¡¯s slave
  21. Beast
  22. People without conscience
  23. Steps of the servant of devil
  24. Those who are with The
     Holy Spirit
  25. Reasons to be filled with
     the Holy Spirit
  26. Fasting prayer attitude
  27. Why are you praying all
  28. Ordination prayer and
  29. What is sermon?
  30. Preparing to Sermon
  31. Attitude of preaching
  32. Attitudes of the preacher
  33. Visit and other Preaching
  34. What happens when a
     Christian lacks prayer
  35. Preacher's behavior
  36. Who is a pastor's fit?
  37. What is Jesus' love?
  38. What is literature?
  ¢¹ Epilogue
HOME > vol. 1 REPENT > 2. Attitude to attain faith for eternal life

1. Repent.  Repent your behavior, your mind, and your thinking.

2. To which depth should we repent?
Like the thief on the cross, we should repent until we are recognized by Jesus Christ.
It is of no use to be recognized by people.
Even if pastor, revivalist, and/or missionary recognize your repentance, that's no good for gaining faith of Jesus for eternal life.
And even though you built lots of churches and donated a lot for ministry, dedication, propagandism, and succor, faith of Jesus for eternal life isn't achieved.
Only when you decide to live according to Jesus' directions and your life has an obedient attitude, saying "I'll live as nothing but the Bible"-that is, "I'm a sinner, Jesus Christ is my savior, I'll obey purely as the Holy Spirit leads me, I'll only brag my cross, I'll live only for Jesus."-, Jesus Christ acknowledges that the Christian indeed has repented and for this recognition is followed by signs of experiences like;

(1) Holy Spirit is given.  And it's filled.  -  A sign of being forgiven.
(2) Peace of Jesus Christ is given.
(3) Thirsty disappears.
(4) Fear vanishes.
(5) Satisfactory life because of Jesus.
(6) Joy of Jesus is presented.
(7) When you read the bible, you accept it as a word given to you.
(8) Become always praying.
(9) Giving glory to God always.
(10) Thank to God.
(11) Have a positive point of view.
(12) Recognize that you are a sinner.
(13) Acknowledge that you are incapable.
(14) Regard others better than you. 
(15) Read the bible eagerly.
(16) Know that a believer of God is actually a fortunate person.
(17) Take pity on unbelievers.
(18) A life for Jesus becomes your goal of life.
(19) Charge the left burden of Jesus to your own body.
(20) Believe the bible as word of God without any doubt.
(21) Perceive that God loves you.
(22) Love Jesus.
(23) Discard your knowledge.
(24) Throw away your will.
(25) Try to be obedient to Jesus.
(26) Wait for services.
(27) Enjoy serving.
(28) Try to be properly and neatly dressed for solemn service.
(29) When you hear a thing against to bible, feel outraged.
(30) When you hear a thing against to Jesus' church, feel angry and stand against to the saying.
(31) Become a brave person to right things.
(32) Become a person who says "Do as you want, Jesus."
(33) Hate to brag human.
(34) Don't salute flags.
(35) Don't bow to an ancestral tablet.
(36) Don't bow to a photo.
(37) Don't hold a memorial service for ancestors.
(38) Discern that carnival, festival, or ritual for rain are evil.
(39) Pictures of so called Jesus are non-biblical.
(40) Trust Jesus.
(41) Understand the meaning of the 1st Commandments.
(42) Understand the meaning of the 2nd Commandments.
(43) Understand the meaning of the 3rd Commandments.
(44) Don't be disappointed.
(45) Take other's responsibility willingly.
(46) Try to be poor in spirit.
(47) Be a person who mourns for oneself.
(48) Be a person who mourns for nation.
(49) Be a person who mourns for human.
(50) Be a person who mourns for church.
(51) Mourn to become moderate.
(52) Feel pity.
(53) Smooth over others' flaws.
(54) Make peace.
(55) Give out a smell of Jesus and manage a role of salt and light.
(56) Endure persecution.
(57) Drive evil spirits out.
(58) Speak a new dialect.
(59) Pick up a snake.
(60) Cure patients by imposing hands.
(61) Don't get any harm even by snakes.
(62) Endure for a long time.
(63) Diligently propagate.

3. How to repent 1
(1) With modest mind and gesture and ardent hope, pray to Jesus for repentance.
(2) Continue begging attitude until you are able to repent.
(3) Mourn until it ends.
(4) Repent pending you are sure of being forgiven and you can't repent anymore. (I.e. repeat repenting.)
(5) Do repent prayer until Jesus tells you're forgiven.

4. How to repent 2
(1) Physical sins (bystanders, mischief, sins of eyes, hands, feet, and other body parts)
(2) Sinful thoughts (thoughts and delusions that God doesn’t like)
(3) Mental sins (hatred, loathing)
(4) Sins done in dreams
(5) Unconscious sins (ex. Sayings and doings while you are unconscious)
Confess every sin above that you have done so far, ask for mercy, and don’t repeat these sins-that’s how to repent and results of repenting.