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† TrumpetSound †Vol.1 - Left MENU
  1. What is the ‘right’ worship?
  2. Attitude to attain faith for
   eternal life
  3. Attitude of praying
  4. How to read the Bible
  5. How to Praise
  6. Right Attitudes for church
  7. The attitude of worship
  8. Preacher's abilities (1)
     Preacher's abilities (2)
     Preacher's abilities (3)
     Preacher's abilities (4)
     Preacher's abilities (5)
     Preacher's abilities (6)
     Preacher's abilities (7)
     Preacher's abilities (8)
     Preacher's abilities (9)
  9. The work of the Holy Spirit (1)
     The work of the Holy Spirit (2)
     The work of the Holy Spirit (3)
  10. The sound of the ghost
  11. The voice of a whispering
  12. Ghost playing
  13. Christian prayer appearance
  14. Christian dialect
  15. Christian's evangelism
  16. How to discern the spirit
  17. The guidance of the Holy
  18. Spirit attitude
  19. How evil spirits come
     to Christians
  20. Satan’s slave
  21. Beast
  22. People without conscience
  23. Steps of the servant of devil
  24. Those who are with The
     Holy Spirit
  25. Reasons to be filled with
     the Holy Spirit
  26. Fasting prayer attitude
  27. Why are you praying all
  28. Ordination prayer and
  29. What is sermon?
  30. Preparing to Sermon
  31. Attitude of preaching
  32. Attitudes of the preacher
  33. Visit and other Preaching
  34. What happens when a
     Christian lacks prayer
  35. Preacher's behavior
  36. Who is a pastor's fit?
  37. What is Jesus' love?
  38. What is literature?
  ▷ Epilogue
HOME > vol. 1 REPENT > 1. What is the ‘right’ worship?

You should have knowledge about Jesus Christ and be obedient to his saying.  Also, you need to have right worship attitude.
Jesus Christ told us about Christians’ worship attitude: “God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”(John 4:24)
People who believe in Jesus, who have forgiven by Lord, should be filled with Holy Spirit to be worshipers with truth according to his word.  And they start godly and truthful worshiping with kneeling in prayer with guidance of Holy Spirit.
Going down on one’s knee during worship is the most basic attitude of Christians.
Look into Bible!
Look at prior leaders and apostles!
Christians, Jesus’ servants and believers who were recognized by God, couldn’t even look at the angels sent by God and just prostrated themselves before angels!
If you are a real Christian who knows how prophets and disciples worshiped, have a proper attitude worshiping God!
Worshiping on one’s knees is the first step of Christian’s devotion.
If you don’t have pious posture, you can’t have power of devotion.
Look again that God said there’s pious attitude but no religious power!
Don’t forget today’s Christians even don’t have pious attitude!
So how can we find religious power?
How can we be worshippers who serve with Holy Spirit and sincerity?
What devotion on earth will exist in a person who says one hour long service is boring?
What devotion on earth will exist in a person who doesn’t even take off shoes?
What devotion on earth will exist in a woman who crosses her legs?
Did Moses take off his shoes because he is worse than you?
Did Joshua take off his shoes in front of God’s army commander because he is worse than you?
It is out of all reasons to say that you are in service, dozing on chair.
How can you teach God’s words if you don’t even know and can’t teach right worship attitude?
How can a person bear job as a servant of Jesus Christ who is not able to distinguish human’s voice and God’s word?
How can the person lead a service to worship God with Holy Spirit and true heart?
What preach will the person give who isn’t even able to teach worship on knees?
Do you visit your father and make him stand in front of you then greet him sitting on chairs?
And are you bold enough to cross your legs on chair in the presence of the King who rules you over?
Yes, are you okay to behave rudely to Jesus who saved you with precious blood of cross?
How can you say that you are sons and daughters of God, holy subjects and chief priests like kings?
How dare you chat with others during worship?
Can you really that you worshiped religiously?
Even you worshipped dirtily, how can you mention Holy Spirit and true heart?
Even if Jesus told you that you are a friend, can you call divine judge, God, as a friend rudely and impolitely?
Until when are you going to disgrace worship to God?
How can a person believe in Jesus who doesn’t have ability to kneel down?
Day of the Lord is imminent.
Have a little courtesy at least!
And you should have faith in Jesus.
Person who has faith in Jesus Christ is the one who is given eternal life by Jesus according to the saying “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”(John 3:16)
That is to say, he(she) is the one who repented sin, a professant of religion like the Apostles´ Creed, and the one who believes the Bible as God’s word and follows Jesus Christ, and is ordered by Jesus.  So the person can worship in right way.